Single-channel HD video, sound, 5 min, 2013

50 sec excert

(...) The domain the artist establishes in this work is one that emphasizes this ambiguity of public and private. In a contrapuntal rhythm of interior and exterior images she reinforces their supposed opposition: exterior scenes are often dark and show little more than a grainy silhouette through the window. The found images of interior spaces, however, are both bizarre and revelatory. These lo-fi still images, which Petschnig collected from flea markets, bear the unpolished look of pre-digital photography. But – as private images that have been made public through non-digital means – they retain a stronger erotic value. The figures that populate these found images have been objectified by the artist who projects onto them certain desires and fantasies that she performs. As in some of Petschnig’s other works, there’s also a connotation of loneliness or desperation, and as if in a gesture of generosity, Petschnig, invites her characters to play voyeur, constantly inverting subject-object relations in a curious and provocative way.