steppin' out for lunch

Single-channel HD video, 6 min, 2013

40 sec excert

(...) As in other works, the visual texture of steppin’ out for lunch follows the uninhibited composition of dreams and their recurring motifs, while the seductive impulsivity of its edited shots similarly resembles that particular stream of consciousness in which memory is the driving source of distraction. Yet as much as the work seems to articulate a space between the conscious and unconscious, it would be difficult not to read it in relation to Petschnig’s other videos that readily complicate a domestic setting. Perhaps these are not indifferent to the classic indictment of the bourgeois home, with its falsities, its stuffiness, its capacity to obscure, to silence, or to contain. Petschnig’s works also lend themselves to a reading that situates the home as a metaphor for the mind – a furtive storehouse of memories and desires, a landmark of identity and personal histories, and, paradoxically, both host to our wildest dreams and our paradigm of what is familiar.