Single-channel HD video, 7 min, sound, 2013

40 sec excert

(...) Amid the fleshy body stockings and pantyhose, the beds, the sheets, the closets and doors opened and closed, the lecherous lighting – plus the sensual tropes of soaps which equally connote absolution – it’s easy to see how the sisters’ suggestive coupling and provocative activities could connote themes of incest and BDSM. The props and costumes, like in Petschnig’s other films, tease out an erotics that lies dormant in the everyday domestic space, seemingly waiting to be enacted or engaged. The innocent mischievousness in their free play and their idiosyncratic modes of communication, however, provides more paradox than easy categorization. If anything, clownishness is a mode of distancing, and the viewer is teased with beguiling erotic suggestions and layers of signification.