See-saw, seen-sawn
Live Video Performance
Nov 10, 2011, Austrian Cultural Forum, NY
in conjunction with Performa 11

(...) a video and a live (but invisible) performance. The silent film took us on a shaky, handheld tour through the hallways of an old house, opening doors onto a commune of near-naked exhibitionists engaged in domestic activities like surfing the internet, shaving or making a bed. These scenes were occasionally interrupted by real-time footage of similarly clothed (or un-clothed) characters, including Maria herself, that was being filmed behind a curtain on the landing at the top of the stairs inside the room. What they were doing was not clear -- it always verged on the sexual but never quite got there -- and it took most viewers some time to realize that the whispers and footsteps heard from above throughout the performance weren’t public rudeness, but rather part of the action.
Emily Nathan,

ssssVIMEO-webclip from Maria Petschnig on Vimeo.